As a successor of Lifan’s flagship model KPR150, the new favor of domestic motorcyclists LifanPR200 retains all exterior highlights from its predecessor.

Both purely domestic-made, KPR150 has evolved from a transport tool to a driving toy, and KPR200 takes a even bigger leap to make it more playful than playable. Sleek contours of sportsbike body design, mantis-like face with optical-lens headlights, grand-size integrated side covers, split-type handlebars, USB port, 3-digital meter layout, popular multistage triangle muffler with scald-proof flexible pipe, 90 (front) and 120 (rear) extra-wide tires, all render the sporty demeanor of KPR200.
The soul of KPR200, 6-gear water-cooled NBF engine with electronic fuel injection, outputs maximum torque of 17N.m at 6500 rpm and maximum power of 12.5Kw at 8000 rpm, as the official data suggests. The two-valve four-stroke product provides low torque earlier, which is more efficient on city roads.

With the aid of electronic fuel injection system, the four-stroke water-cooled engine responses with precise agility. 2.1L economic fuel consumption makes it easy to forget that it is a 200cc street bike. The engine begins to burst initial torque at 4500 rpm, continuous output till around 7000 rpm, and starts to unleash the maximum torque of 17N.m at 6500, supporting the maximum power supply at 7000 to 8000 rpm.

Six-gear transmission is similar to moderate Honda design, but with linear and soft transition, also accurate. The balance shaft greatly relieves engine vibration. Water-cooling system enables the 200ml engine maintain lower temperature and better long-range performance, but higher compression ratio also means that the engine requires higher quality on oil.

Compression ratio surpassing 11 exerts excellent acceleration performance and speed over 125km/h in field test. The application of electronic fuel injection system empowers KPR200 to keep good working condition and superior performance.

200-7 200-8
Being a sportsbike as Lifan defines KPR200, it surprises the writer with extraordinary controllability. Light and agile, that is the first impression KPR strikes. Street-bike handling and 775 mm-high seat perfectly meet the demands of most domestic riders, however the suspension calibration still can be improved, given quick rebound from the damper. Lifan did not choose al-alloy frame for KPR200, possibly a compromise on cost, but its adorable appearance serves as a joyous fulfillment to the eyes.

200-11 200-10
KPR200, a exquisite and deluxe creation, impresses the writer with quite a few shining points. Under increasing competition pressure from both home and abroad, KPR200 undoubtedly represents the power of Made-in-China, showing the endeavor and initiative of Chinese manufacturers on smaller displacement motorcycles.


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