With a fashionable appearance and competitive power, both the KP and KPR models enjoyed excellent public praise in the market. Therefore, focused by millions of people, the new member of KP family, KPS200 has been debuted with more sporty appearance, more configuration options, and a lower price.

With a similar appearance as the KP150, the KPS200 is slightly changed and updated to make it more sporty. The headlamp, which is the biggest change, is updated with the same design of the KPR.

KPS 200 First Ride Review


The height of the seat is 775mm, which is available for any riders with different height by a comfortable and upright posture. This makes long-distance riding more comfortable and enjoyable. The height of the pedals is also comfortable, maybe higher than some normal models but actually lower than most pure sport-bikes. What’s more, the pedal lever can be folded.

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In the aspect of frame construction, the traditional cradle frame is used because this frame has very stable performance in the KP150. The KPS200 is equipped with Inverted front absorber and the central absorber. These ensure much anticipated stability level.

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This model is also configured with brand new EFI system which makes more stable driving condition and lower oil consumption. The background color of the LCD display can be switched to ensure that the figures is still clear in bright light.

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The LED driving lamp makes the bike more dynamic as running in daytime. The headlight is also changed from halogen lamp of the KP to the LED lamp with the lens which provide stronger light-gathering power without dazzling light as the xenon headlamps. These updates improve not only the appearance of the whole bike but also the safety at night


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There is a little bulge on the integrated street-bike throttle handlebar, which to a certain extent can reduce the feel of weight of the throttle.


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As to the braking system, the front brake is single disc dual piston caliper and the rear brake is single disc single piston caliper. That is the popular configuration in this level of model.

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The front tire size is 100/80-17 and the rear tire size is 130/70-17. Both the tires are brand-new street-bike sport rubber tires. The style of the hub is different from the KP. The new hubs look more powerful and sporty.

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L×W×H:  2080×745×1080mm

Wheelbase:  1340mm

Displacement:  200cc

CurbWeight:  145kg

Max.Load:  150kg

Max.Power:  12.5kw/8000(r/min)

Max.Torque:  17.0Nm/6500(r/min)

EngineType:  Single Cylinder, water cooling,two valves

FrontTire:  100/80-17

RearTire:  130/70-17

FuelTank:  14L


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