With the increasing attention paid to KP150, Lifan exclusively authorized Motoron, a professional motorcycle magazine in Turkey, to invite the professional motorcycle rider to test and review this bike. Lifan provided a white KP150 for this test riding with delivery mileage of 4km. Then, Onur began his 1600km motorcycle riding tour to Bursa.Here are some experiences and comments from Mr. Onur after this test riding with KP150.


“Motorcycles have played an important role in my life. Because of the serious traffic congestion in the morning and evening rush hours in Istanbul, everyday commuting has therefore become the hardest problem for me. For instance, if you live on the top of Kağıthane and work or study at Kadıköy, the traffic jam would be your daily routine and the time you spend on the road would make you feel that you’re wasting your life.”

“It’s an honor for me to be invited by the magazine Motoron to test the Lifan KP150 and I’m very satisfied with its performances and comfort. I’ve tested this bike in both urban areas with traffic congestion and suburb roads with light traffic. In the urban areas, the comfortableness of KP150’s seat is beyond my expectations and makes me very comfortable during riding. It’s very user-friendly that the shell fabric is not same for its rider seat and passenger seat to meet different needs. The anti-skid fabric of its rider seat brings more safety during riding and protects me from swinging out of the bike during turning in big corners.”


“The streamline design of its fuel tank lets my legs and knees keep in a comfortable position, and in addition reduces the wind resistance by closely fitting the bike. This design makes the rider nestling up to the bike more closely and handling the bike more flexibly so that the engine can output excellent power. Here I must mention another advantage of Lifan KP150, its fuel consumption. For me, not an entry level riding learner, the consumption of 2.5L-3L per 100km quite satisfies me on ordinary city roads without regard to the effects of traffic jams and other factors.”

“I would like to do another test on the appropriate roads with more rational control and I believe the fuel consumption would be lower in that situation. I swear Lifan KP150 would be a good choice and meet all your needs if you want a motorcycle with nice comfortableness, low fuel consumption, excellent control and good engine with large torque. As I said above, I have to spend long time on commuting and its engine just meets my requirements. Its appearance is very strong and powerful and it is not bad in accelerating and climbing ability.”


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“As for the design, when I parking temporarily on the road during traffic jams or traffic lights, many people have looked at my bike and asked me “which model is this bike?” “what brand is it?” For example, once I rode this bike to Fikirtepe to visit one of my buddies and passed a motorcycle repair shop. One worker in this shop stopped me and chatted with me about this bike. He said “I have noticed you and your bike for many times and I think its engine sounds good. What brand is it?” When I told him it’s Lifan KP150, He was very surprised because in his opinion China was not able to make high quality motorcycle like this. Another day, when I parked this bike in our campus, one boy followed me for a long way just to ask me what brand it is. I believe there will be more and more people interesting in this Lifan bike.”




“I think, in the market circumstance with high homogenization and intense competition, Lifan should develop more typical products with high qualities like KP150 and improve the marketing and selling channels to promote the brand image and competitiveness. It’s also the right way of Chinese manufacturing industry. “


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