Leaving Chiang Mai to Pattaya, the temperature is getting higher on the way, though we see many travelers on heavy motorbikes dressed in complete outfit, compared with whom our KPmini rider seems much like a local man just taking a stroll around. 1 2 3

Pattaya, reputed as “the Oriental Hawaii”, is one of the most favored beach resort in Southeast Asia. We arrived Pattaya at late night, but lucky enough to watch a splendid firework show along the seaside.

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Sitting on the sand, enjoying local food and the fireworks uprising from wharf boats in the sea, people are really getting into the holiday spirit this Pattaya night.

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On the next morning, we go for a little riding along the beach. Pattaya feels a lovely and leisurely seaside town by day, and just like elsewhere in Thailand, motorcycles dominate the streets as the primary means of transportation.

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Leaving rosy Pattaya, KPmini starts again back on the road to Bangkok, the biggest city and heart of Thailand. The traffic is getting heavier as riding near the capital, making our ride rather difficult under scorching sunlight.

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Arriving at night, we are not too late to walk around the crenelated walls of the Grand Palace, the most famous landmark in the city. The complex looks spectacular even at night, which we must come back for a good visit during the daytime.

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Dated back to more than 200 years ago, Bangkok’s China Town locates in the western downtown area. It is the largest and busiest China Town in Southeast Asia, with irresistible food court. Relieved in the warmth and friendliness of Bangkok, we give ourselves a well deserved break after long trip on the road.

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