Highland Travelogue I : The Magnificence of Every Encounter

Lifan KP Racing Team members set out for Lhasa, starting a journey to cross 14 mountains and 5 rivers, and a scheduled fortnight for the magnificence of making every encounter special.


Tibet, isolated on the rooftop of the earth, is every rider’s dream, drawing millions of travelers each year to explore its old culture and pure, untouched scenery. However, for our road-racing champions of Lifan KP Racing Team, a cross-country travel may have a different significance. Adventure runs through our veins, whether on a short-distance track racing or a perilous odyssey. Unlike the competition we used to win throughout last two years of CRRC (China Road Racing Championship), yet it still feels a challenge to transcend ourselves, and we have enough patience to slow down for making every encounter special.2 3

â‘ Route: Chongqing Municipality – Chengdu – Luding – Yajiang – Batang – Markam – Nyingchi – Lhasa, via China National Highway 318


â‘¡Team members: 6, including CRRC champions Wu jiqing and Li Qishen5

â‘¢Equipment: riding gear, windshield, rain capes, walkie-talkies, cameras, aerial photography devices, repair kits, etc. an average load above 10kg per member


â‘£Rides: KPR200, KPS200, KPmini 150 and KP150 Travel


On the rainy morning of May 14, our travel companions gathered in Chongqing, the southwestern municipality where Lifan is head-quartered, awaited by the fine-tuned motorcycles best fitting the odyssey, all are models from the favored KP family.8 9 10 11 12

After thorough visual checking and test riding on some of these old chaps our KP racing champions are utterly familiar with, we discovered on them several custom modifications, pleasant individualizations also handy for the trip.13 14 15 16 17

Leaving the brash in Chongqing, which might be a prelude of the unpredictable weather waiting to enfold us all, we hurried along the next stop, Chengdu.18 19

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