Leaving Lifan HQ in Chongqing, our journey began bounding for the first destination, Chengdu of Sichuan Province. Due to the hot weather, we took a 15-minute rest every 100km. The four bikes from KP family all did an unexpectedly excellent job, especially the new KPS200 with adapted exhaust pipe, going very smooth after its first 300km ride. The shock absorber and handling was also great. Thanks to the courtesy of all car drivers along the road, we finished the first day without a hitch.

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It is worth mentioning that KPmini 150 covered a total of 173km with one full tank yesterday, top speed reaching up to 122km/h, and KPS200 consumed only half tank of gasoline for 380km distance from Chongqing to Chengdu, estimated range over 500km. The increasingly formidable terrain kept us more cautious on road, so we rode as a queue where the walkie-talkies came in handy. After replacing the carburetors with custom high-altitude version, everyone felt a bit excited to step feet on real plateau the next day.

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Heading for Yajiang, we put on our heavy coats to tackle with dropping temperatures, and showery rains also added to our woes. The freezing air made us refuse to take off our helmets even when stopped for rest. Guide signs by roadside indicated an altitude over 4,000km on the way to Zheduo Mountain, where we had to switch to the first or second gear climbing uphill and the distinct advantage of EFI system began to reveal. All the KP bikes should be commended for completing a nonstop ride to the snowy mountaintop, while we saw many broken-down vehicles along the way.

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Before we had enough of the beautiful sceneries on the snow-topped peak, the bright-colored sutra streamers and towering Tibetan stupas, the altitude stress started to show its effect with overwhelming headache. We need a moment to use a good rest and catch our breath again, for the hardest of the journey is yet to come.

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