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Lifan lndustry(Group)co,Ltd is a large private enterprise mainly engaged in scientific research & development,manufacturing and marketing(including export)of engine,general-purpose engine,motorcycle and automobile,and integrated with financial investment.Till now,LIFAN consists of more than 9,301 staffs,out of whom over 6,989 with college education backgrounds.Lifan has been continuously listed in China as Top 500 Enterprises for 10 times and has been No.1 in Chongqing exportation for years.On November 25th,2010,Lifan was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange(stock code 601777),publicly issuing 200 million shares and raising funds of RMB2.9 billion,and became the first private enterprise of passenger vehicle to be listed in china A-share.

In 2013, Lifan Industry(Group) Co., Ltd achieved a sales revenue of RMB 10.073 billion, with export of RMB 5352 million, ranking the 1st in Chongqing private enterprise. Till the end of 2013, Lifan has accumulatively applied 8607 patents, out of which 7500 have been authorized, and with various index in the leading position nationwide. Lifan is a major tax-payer among Chongqing private enterprises.

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The Lifan Group has state-level enterprise technical centers and Chinese accreditation of testing center. In 2011 November, identified in the national development and Reform Commission announced the national enterprise technology center of evaluation results, the Lifan state-level technology center with 81 points in the 201st, eighth in the car industry, motorcycle industry second.

Lifan technology center is a high level and research and development institutions of high level, is the main body of enterprise technology innovation system, in the VVT technology, dual fuel technology, new energy technology; water cooling technology, multi valve technology, large discharge technology, electronic technology and other fields in the industry – leading level. As of 2012 December, has accumulated to the application of domestic and foreign patent 8007, patent number ranks first peer, the invention patent in the national level technology center 50 strong forty-first, only selected for automobile and motorcycle industry. Lifan won many awards in science and technology innovation, including the national science and technology progress award two prize and 13 national level awards, Chongqing city science and technology progress award, the municipal prize 200 times.

Lifan state-level technology center under the Research Institute of automotive and motorcycle Research Institute, the existing technical staff of more than 800 people, with bachelor degree or above, more than 90% employees, technical personnel with doctor, master and senior engineer or above and title have more than 90.

Lifan has a post doctoral scientific research workstation, on fuel consumption, noise, vibration, and performance enhancement for technology research and technology research, and the development of new energy saving and environmental protection fuel, digital integration, virtual design, virtual analysis technology research and application.

“Do not catch variety, be poor and blank; don’t grasp quality, stand condemned by God.” Since the Lifan entrepreneurial, always put the quality as the focus of the work, especially in 2005, chairman Yin Mingshan put forward “– visit back words quality quality of learning Korean, build quality Lifan”, will be the quality work as “chairman” project, put forward the “innovation, quality, Lifan force sail” quality and development strategy of quality benefit enterprise road.

Adhering to the “quality policy, refine on, continuous improvement of casting quality gold”, Lifan widely carried out in the 6S, all details, executive examination, QC quality activities. The company carried out a careful combing specification, a rigorous evaluation of the design and development procedure, to ensure the development of quality; to deepen the reform, and actively implement the SQE, through scientific quality evaluation, improve parts quality and supplier quality management level. Through the “post all details, the key process control” means such as strengthening the process control, process monitoring, measuring attention, and the establishment of the China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment of the “National Laboratory” — Testing center. At the same time, the company also actively introduce international advanced quality management methods, such as: JIT, performance excellence management etc..

Pay close attention to quality management persevere, for the company to forge a brilliant brand, has been fully affirmed the social from all walks of life. Lifan continuous won the “China famous brand”, “national inspection free” title, also won the first Chongqing city mayor quality award, quality honor 2009-2010 national quality work advanced unit.

“Lifan is not a brand, product a pile of scrap metal.” 20 years ago, Lifan adhere to independent brand strategy, through scientific and technological innovation, quality control, with the implementation of brand planning, advertising, public welfare activities, the Lifan from an “unknown” small business, has gradually grown to at home and abroad with high visibility and reputation of “enterprises”, the brand value has a several fold increase. In November 25, 2010, Lifan industry (Group) Limited by Share Ltd successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, the initial public offering of 200000000 shares, to raise funds of 2900000000 yuan, is the overall Chinese A shares listed on the first private passenger vehicle enterprises.

Lifan football carrier by realization of the “eight years after no one asked, Lifan a ball hear the world”; Lifan motorcycle across the river, the Lifan Lifan motorcycle make known to every family in Vietnam; successful climb Nepal elevation 6187 meters of the PA Joe expedition, the Lifan praise for everyone in South asia. As of 2011 December, Lifan has to social accumulated donated 119073600 yuan, with more than 40000 jobs for society, the Lifan 104 glorious success in school in Chinese built around.

Lifan adhere to the internationalization development route, the implementation of the “going out, bringing in” development strategy. Since 1998, obtained the right of import and export, Lifan products have been exported to the world more than 160 countries and regions in 2011, Lifan holding $582000000 in exports. In Germany, France, America, Italy, Mexico and other regions with Direct Selling Company; a motorcycle production base in Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand; and a 7 car KD factories in Russia, Iran, Iraq, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, initially built the leading domestic overseas network layout.

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