Today we present you the story of Wasif Anowar, a rider with Team BikeBD in Bangladesh who traveled over 30,000 kilometers on Lifan KP150, an adventure taking more than courage and strength.


People say that CHINESE bikes are not good and are not long lasting despite the fact that from top to bottom in terms of dress and gadgets that he uses are MADE IN CHINA! So what is the problem with CHINESE bikes?? Yes I admit that there are some China made bikes that are of low quality but Lifan KP 150 is a complete different story all together, so let’s hear the story of its 30,000 km odyssey.


The Lifan KP150 is a decent & aggressive looked sporty bike. The nicely designed fuel tank with vented tank side cowling, nice bloated exhaust, Y shaped silver side panel, segmented but comfortable seat is designed with maximum compatibility. There were two blue parking light attached under the chin of the bike which gives an alien look at twilight.


The switches & controls on the both handlebar are really of good in quality. The seating posture is upright but saddle is little a bit higher. The bike is powered by 149cc single cylinder four stroke engine which pumps out 12.8BHP at 8500RPM and maximum 12.0NM of torque at decent 6000RPM & if you ever think that is not enough then I tell you this bike will run neck and neck with an Apache RTR on a drag race.


The journey started way back in 2014 January 18th, the day when it was assembled then with just 200 km on its odometer it took the first tour to Chittagong, with a new engine the bike though lacked some high end power but it coped the road with the Indian and Japanese bikes.


Two days later the bike was tested on the salty water on Saint Martin, it was done intentionally to see what sort of damage the salty water can cause to the engine and whether the main parts of the bike attracts rust or not. The main concept of testing KP150 was to see whether the engine gearbox and clutch plate of the bike last 25,000 km given huge amount of pressure and to see it we threw endurance, riding 500 km from Teknaf to Dhaka via Bandarban.


The bike was all good in that tour and then we rested the bike for a few days, then it was handed over to me with 2000 km on its speedometer & after testing it for TEAM BIKEBD REVIEW I took the bike for a long tour to Sylhet, where on the Jaflong bypass I picked up the top speed 126 km/h with KP150, then just months later I pushed on with another big endurance on the bike this time riding600 km from Dhaka Biccharakandi to Dhaka in 20 hours, this time I had the privilege to ride with the likes of FZS, TRIGGER and GS150 & comparing to them Lifan KP150 came out sweating them.


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